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The Plastic surgery is a form of surgery that works to restore, construct, improve or enhance form, function and appearance of certain body features in order to help make them look more aesthetically pleasing or work better. Plastic surgery can take on a variety of different formats and can be done for necessary reasons as well as for individual preference. The most common plastic surgeries are liposuction, rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, eyelid surgery, tummy tuck and facelift surgery.

One of the main benefits of plastic surgery comes in the form of a psychological effect on the patient. Many people who have had plastic surgery have experienced a number of great benefits following the procedure and an overall boost in their confidence. When people look and feel great they are bound to bring this to any interaction that they may have throughout the course of the day. If people are able to correct an esthetic feature that they have always been embarrassed about, or get plastic surgery to correct some sort of damage to their appearance such as a congenital defect, burn or cleft palate, they are bound to be much more psychologically confident in their appearance following their surgery and recovery.

Physical benefits to plastic surgery can also work to help you in your life as well. Liposuction has been proven to reduce strain on areas such as the back and knees in patients and can allow them to get the boost that they need to start exercising and getting healthier without having to carry around so much weight. Plastic surgery can fix some form of physical deformity as a result of an accident or birth defect and can also help you to function normally and experience a better quality of life. Procedures such as fixing a cleft lip can allow people to eat more normally and also speak normally and this type of plastic surgery can have amazing physical benefits and quality of life benefits for patients. With these required surgeries for physical reasons plastic surgery can drastically change lives.

As a study done by the American psychological Association has pointed out the majority of patients who have undergone plastic surgery have experienced quite a large boost in self image and overall well-being. With all of the extra confidence that you gain from looking better and feeling better after you have received plastic surgery, there is no telling how it could affect your life. Plastic surgery could be the key to your financial success by allowing you to be more dynamic and assertive in business. You may feel more inclined to speak out now that you have more confidence and as a result you may experience some excellent growth in your job and job skills which could lead to a promotion or even a better career.

We know that plastic surgery is a life-changing decision and something that can make a tremendous impact to your lives; it can provide you with some great physical benefits to increase your quality-of-life and the way that you function biologically, it can create some amazing emotional benefits that allow you to succeed and have more confidence in your day-to-day life ,hence it is very important to choose the right hand to put your faith in. Plastic surgery today is no longer an unknown land and is actually very safe since it has been around for decades and there are many new medical advancements that make plastic surgery much easier.

We bring to you here a group of accredited plastic surgeons with years and years of experience to take care of you from start to finish. Our surgeons work together and try their best to improve patients’ lives through the most satisfying plastic surgery and also make sure that your plastic surgery is carried out with minimal scarring, potential side effects and disadvantages.


Or lipoplasty helps reshape specific areas of the body by removing excess fat deposits and improving your body contours and proportion. Liposuction is typically used on the ‘ stubborn’ areas that have not responded well to diet and exercise. These areas are often on the thighs and hips on women and the waist and back on men. The thighs, upper arms, neck, hips, waist, back, chest, cheeks and chin are commonly liposuction surgery treated areas. In some cases, liposuction is performed alone, in other cases it is combined with plastic surgery procedures such as a facelift, breast reduction, or a tummy tuck. It can also be used to reduce the size of male "breasts" or to remove fat tumors (lipomas, or abnormal fatty deposits). It is important to keep in mind that liposuction is not a weight-loss technique but actually a reshaping technique. We all know that only diet and exercise can result in real weight loss.

Are you a good candidate for liposuction?

If you are healthy, normal weight, in good shape physically and have a few trouble spots , then you make the best candidate. If you have certain health conditions, including diabetes mellitus, heart conditions, infections, past history of bleeding or a coagulation disorder or on medication that interferes with blood clotting, including blood thinners such as Aspirin, Warfarin and Heparin, you may not make a good candidate for liposuction and need to check with your physician before undergoing liposuction.

What risks does liposuction carry?

1. Possible Infections
2. Pain and swelling at the liposuction sites that can last for several weeks or months after the procedure
3. Excessive fluid loss
4. Damages to nerves which may result in temporary / permanent numbness or changes in sensation
5. Rippling or indentation under the skin in the case that too much fat is removed.
6. Scarring
7. A liposuction can result in loosen fat clots or blood clots, which sometimes travel through blood stream to the lungs and cause a potentially fatal condition called pulmonary embolism.


Or usually called “a nose job” or nose reshaping. As its name suggested, rhinoplasty involves reshaping of the nose. Rhinoplasty is used to change the nose size, width or profile. It can change the angle of the nose in relation to the upper lip, alter the tip of the nose or correct bumps, indentations, or other defects in the nose. Surgery of the nose may also correct impaired breathing caused by structural abnormalities in the nose.

Who are good candidates for Rhinoplasty?

Pretty much anyone who is 13 or older, not a smoker, physically healthy and has a complete facial growth.

Rhinoplasty risks and complications

1. Like any other surgery, pain, excessive bleeding and infection can always happen after the surgery
2. Unfavorable scarring
3. Rupture of small blood vessels of the nose
4. Nose asymmetry
5. Temporary or permanent changes in skin sensation including numbness
6. Nasal airways alteration
7. Unsatisfying outcome that might lead to revisional surgery

 Breast Augmentation

Or augmentation mammaplasty involves the insertion of breast implants into a woman’s breasts to increase their size or to restore breast volume lost after weight reduction or pregnancy. Breast augmentation also helps increase fullness of projection of your breasts, hence improve the balance of your figure.

The size and shape of a woman’s breasts are primarily determined by hereditary. Other factors that can affect breast size are body weight, medications, pregnancy, menstruation, and menopause. Apparently, some people are not happy with their natural breasts and want to increase their breast size.

The reason why you need a breast augmentation, your expectation and desired outcome need to be clearly discussed before starting the procedure since this information is one of the keys to success of breast implant surgery.

Who are good candidates for breast augmentation?

Pretty much everyone who is physically healthy, has fully developed breasts and wants to increase her bra size can get a breast augmentation.
Breast implant risks and complications

Like all other surgeries, there are risks associated with breast augmentation :

1. pain, infection and excessive bleeding
2. unfavorable scarring
3. temporary or permanent changes in nipple or breast sensation
4. capsular contracture which causes the implant to be squeezed by the fibrous scar tissue that forms around it. The result can be a painful hardening of the breasts. This is considered the most common complication of breast augmentation surgery.
5. Implant leakage or rupture
6. Wrinkling of the skin over the implant
7. Deep vein thrombosis, cardiac and pulmonary complications
8. Unnatural look or unsatisfying outcome which may need additional surgery to correct.

 Eyelid Surgery

which also called blepharoplasty, involves the removing of extra fat, muscle and skin to improve the appearance of the upper and lower eyelids. Eyelid surgery is used to correct loose or sagging skin that creates folds or disturbs the natural contour of the upper eyelid, bags below the eyes or droopiness of the lower eyelid. Who are good candidates for eyelid surgery?

Pretty much everyone who is physically healthy and does not have a life-threatening or medical conditions that can impair healing, anybody who is not a smoker and does not have serious eye conditions.

An eyelid surgery procedures are suitable for adults who have healthy facial tissues and muscles and want to improve the appearance of the upper/lower eyelids or surrounding areas.

It is important for you to inform your doctor if you have any of these conditions: eye disease such as glaucoma or dry eye, thyroid disorders, diabetes, cardiovascular disease or other circulatory disorders.

Eyelid surgery risks

1. pain, infection and excessive bleeding
2. temporarily blurred vision
3. unfavorable scarring
4. temporary or permanent changes in skin sensation, numbness
5. dry eye or difficulties closing your eye
6. rolling of the eyelid outwards
7. Deep vein thrombosis, cardiac and pulmonary complications
8. Unnatural look or unsatisfying outcome which may need additional surgery to correct.
9. loss of eyesight

 Tummy Tuck

Or also called abdominoplasty, is a surgery procedure to remove extra fat or skin and tighten abdominal muscles. It’s not the same as liposuction, although you can get liposuction along with a tummy tuck. People always consider tummy tuck to get rid of abdominal flabs which do not respond to diet and exercise. It is important to bear in mind that tummy tuck is not a substitute for weight loss or an appropriate exercise program.

Who are the best candidates for tummy tuck?

Pretty much anybody who is physically healthy, at a stable weight and is not a smoker. Tummy tuck is quite useful for men or women who were once obese or women who have had many pregnancies and still have excess fat deposits or loose skin around the belly.

Tummy Tuck risks and complications

1. Pain, infection and excessive bleeding
2. unfavorable scarring
3. temporary or permanent changes in skin sensation or numbness
4. fluid accumulation
5. skin discoloration or prolonged swelling
6. deep fatty tissue necrosis
7. deep vein thrombosis, cardiac and pulmonary complications
8. nerve damages
9. persistent swelling in the legs
10. Unnatural look or unsatisfying outcome which may need additional surgery to correct.

 Facelift Surgery

Facelift surgery, whose medical name ‘ rhytidectomy’ is much harder to say, is a surgical procedure to remove, reduce or improve visible signs of aging in the face and neck. Facelift surgery can help correct facial deep creases, sagging, wrinkles, flab or loose skin. A facelift results in tighter skin on the face and neck, thus usually makes people undergoing it look younger.

Who are good candidates for facelift surgery?
Pretty much anybody who is physically healthy, does not smoke and want to improve his/her appearance.

Facelift surgery risks and complications

1. Pain, excessive bleeding and infection
2. Unfavorable scarring
3. temporary or permanent changes in skin sensation, numbness
4. skin discoloration, sensitivity or swelling
5. Damage to the nerves that supply the muscles of the face. This can cause paralysis or spasm in the face, but the effects are usually temporary.
6. Hair loss
7. Tissue loss
8. Skin contour irregularities
9. Facial asymmetry
10. deep vein thrombosis, cardiac and pulmonary complications
11. Unnatural look or unsatisfying outcome which may need additional surgery to correct.


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