Cosmetic Dentistry

Not everyone was born with a million dollar smile, but it does not mean you have to get stuck with it for the rest of your life either! Cosmetic dentistry harmoniously combines cutting-edge dental technologies and fine arts to create healthy , stunningly beautiful smiles. Other than offering smile enhancement, cosmetic dentistry also helps maintain your optimal dental health. We take pride in creating your beautiful, natural smile that will bring back your self confidence and change your life radically. Cosmetic dentistry most often involves ceramic veneers, composite veneers, dental crowns, dental implants, tooth-colored fillings, cosmetic gum lifts, and various kinds of tooth whitening treatment (Zoom whitening, laser tooth whitening, home whitening).

    A Smile Makeover

Your smile is one of the most important features of your appearance. In many occasions, you smile is what people remember you for. With the approach of the most advanced dental technologies and esthetic dental treatments, a stunning, healthy, memorable smile is now certainly within your reach.

A smile makeover involves many different areas of dentistry including orthodontics, periodontics, dental implants, crowns, veneers, and tooth whitening. The main goal of a smile makeover, as its name suggested, is to improve the esthetics of your smile. A smile makeover to one person could mean something completely different to another, and it is a very individual choice. For example, some may go for a celebrity white smile which needs numerous porcelain veneers and a tooth whitening, while a smile make over for other people who just want a simple improvement, may just involve a replacement of amalgam fillings with composite fillings.

    Dental Veneers

Veneers can amazingly make a dramatic change to your smiles in just two visits. The ultra thin porcelain shells are attached to your front teeth to close gaps, improve the alignment, appearance, color and shape of your teeth. Veneers are also used to straighten, lengthen or shorten teeth. They can cover stains or discolored spots and correct other imperfections such as chips. We employ all kinds of world’s famous porcelain veneer systems, including IPS Empress Esthetic which is well-known worldwide for its professional support of elegance, esthetics and function. We also offer E-max porcelain veneers, whose strong side is durability and ultra-thin Lumineers, which do not require a cutting-away of tooth structure.

    Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are one of the best ways to restore the damaged or broken teeth. Whether your teeth are damaged from trauma, decays or broken old restorations, dental crowns can be placed to restore both appearance and function of your teeth. A dental crown is a lab fabricated restoration that covers the entire tooth, in this way a dental crown can strengthen the tooth while achieve all the esthetic advantages. We offer all kinds of dental crowns from full metal crowns, porcelain fused to metal crowns to the most esthetically pleasing all-porcelain crowns, which can perfectly match the size, shape, color and translucency of your natural teeth.

    Dental Bridges

Dental bridges are simply a series of connected crowns. They are an effective treatment option for the majority of patients with dental gaps. Dental bridges are a great alternative for anyone who is missing teeth but hesitant to undergo oral surgery. Bridges replace missing teeth by bridging gaps and using surrounding teeth as anchors. They are fixed replacement for a missing tooth or teeth made by taking an impression of the surrounding teeth or anchors, which will support the bridges in the end. Dental bridges are fixed and stable so you do not have to worry if they are going to fall down or get loose when you laugh or eat. Dental bridges can be used to correct bite or speech problems, restore ability to chew and eat, prevent teeth from moving toward the gaps, provide comfort and enhance self-confidence.

    Professional Cleaning and General Checkup

Maintaining a good oral health is important for overall general health. Visiting a dentist every six months for a routine checkup and cleaning helps prevent problems or catch them early, so they’re easier and less expensive to fix. A professional cleaning and check up are one of the best investments for your dental health.
    Routine Dental Treatments

We offer a full range of routine dental treatments, which includes fillings, gum treatment, extraction, root canal treatment and dentures. All work is carried out by dentists who are specially trained and have vast experience in their fields of expertise. We are well aware that these simple routine treatments are actually the bedrock that support proper function and help stop any further damages to your teeth so we do each and every one of these simple treatments carefully and thoroughly.

    Dental Implants

Dental implants are one of the best and most effective ways to replace missing teeth. Over the last 50 years dental implant technologies have exceedingly and continuously advanced and this makes dental implants ideal replacements for missing teeth and become an extremely successful treatment option. Loosing teeth can significantly change the function of the mouth and the appearance of facial structures. Loosing multiple teeth does not only affect the ability to eat and chew properly but can also cause a sagging appearance and as a result, makes you look older.

Implants are titanium fixtures made of medically pure Titanium, which is an inert material and extremely bio compatible. This is the same metal that has been successfully used in hip implants for many many years. Dental implant treatment usually follows a two stage surgical protocol, which involves a surgical stage, in which titanium fixtures are placed in the jaw bone. After a designated healing time, a prosthetic stage, in which a permanent crown or other prostheses are made and attached to the implants, is started. In some cases, these two stages can happen in the same time and allow immediate loading and function.

Have you been told you do not have sufficient bone to take implants? Well, you are not the only one that gets stuck with dentures because you were informed implants were not your option. People who have lost their teeth for quite some time usually experience bone and ridge resorption, and this makes you not a good candidate for conventional implant treatment. Thanks to All-on-4 treatment that provides an alternative choice and saves a number of patients from uncomfortable dentures. All-on-4 optimal solution was developed to maximize the use of available bone and to allow for immediate function. It is the proven and successful concept that provides edentulous patients with an immediately loaded full-arch restoration supported by 4 dental implants (sometimes can be 5 or 6 implants if patient’s bone quality and density is really poor).

All-on-4 makes use of the available bone by tilting the two posterior implants to increase more contact between bone and implants, which as a result, provides optimal bone support even with minimum bone volume. Tilting of posterior implants also gives the advantage of avoiding crucial structures, including the inferior alveolar nerve of the mandible and the maxillary sinus. This also means there is no need for patients to undergo more surgical procedures that may be needed in the conventional implant treatment protocol, including a sinus lift or a bone graft.

Once all dental implants are successfully placed in patient’s available bone, the impressions will be made and sent to a laboratory. The lab will fabricate a prosthesis that will be permanently fixed in place with implants. From start to finish, All-on-4 can provide patients, who are not candidates for a conventional implant treatment protocol, with their permanent fixed teeth in a matter of days.

    Zygomatic implants

Zygomatic implants are designed to provide a secure and reliable support to patients with extreme bone loss and their available bone is clearly not even sufficient for All-on-4 procedure. Zygomatic implant procedure shares basic ideas with All-on-4 design, but instead of using only bone from the Maxilla (upper jaw), these specially extended implants are embedded in the cheekbones or Zygoma, where there is always sufficient bone support to take implants.

Dental implant placement is usually most difficult in the upper molar region. When missing some teeth, bone loss seems to happen more rapidly in this area, and the presence of the sinus cavities does not really make things easier. The available bone on the front tooth area is not enough to take all the implants required to provide reliable support to a prosthesis. Patients with extensive bone loss, where available bone is not even sufficient for All-on-4 will gratefully benefit from Zygomatic implants as the process makes use of new available source of bone from Zygoma instead. After zygomatic implants are securely anchored on the upper jaw and inside the Zygomatic bone, a prosthesis will be fabricated and fixed in a matter of days after implant surgery procedure.

    Full mouth rehabilitation

Full mouth rehabilitation or full mouth reconstruction are terms often used to describe the process of simultaneously restoring or rebuilding all of the teeth in both the upper and lower jaws.

When it comes to comprehensive full mouth rehabilitation cases, establishing an effective treatment plan is one of the keys to success of the treatment. Developing a treatment plan usually includes proper sequence of diagnostic and evaluative tasks as well as how to utilize them to best achieve the desired outcomes for each case. Most frequent diagnostic and evaluative procedures are series of radiographic both intra-oral and extra-oral, diagnostic models based on upper and lower impressions, diagnostic photographs, periodontal probing and charting, centric relation bite registration and so on.

The comprehensive steps taken in a full mouth rehabilitation are most often done by various dental specialists, which include prosthodontists, operative dentists, oral surgeons, implantologists, orthodontists, periodontists and endodontists. The team of specialists will work on each patient together to ultimately create a whole new set of healthy smile that provides full function, stability and esthetics. A full mouth rehabilitation typically involves a combination of dental implants, all-ceramic veneers, crown restorations, multiple fillings, gum treatment, root canal treatment and removable partial dentures.

Each patient undergoing and full mouth rehabilitation will be evaluated and given series of treatments on an individual basis and this is the most fascinating part as there can be many treatment options to go with. A team of dental specialists and patients need to have an informed discussion about what option to go forward with, considering all vital gatherings and patients’ budget. Thus, a doctor-patient understanding and cooperation are significantly needed for these multiple-visit and time-consuming procedures.


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